Welcome to our Winter Warmers!

These are tours for riders that wish to get wet, muddy and ride in the cold. Once you’ve gotten over the worry of getting wet and just decide to embrace it, you’ll find yourself aiming for puddles and grinning to yourself as you fly along in the mud….Glorious mud ! It’s not just great for your bike handling skills, it’s loads of fun too. So by the time the better, brighter and drier weather arrives, you will be fit and ready for the new year ahead.  

With the right preparation and equipment, winter riding can be every bit as rewarding, enjoyable and memorable as riding in more favourable weather and trail conditions. Added to this, you’ll greet the spring and summer months with more finely tuned skills and greater fitness.

There is absolutely nothing that makes you appreciate a hot shower, clean dry clothes and satisfying food than getting tired and wet whilst out cycling. All you do need is a good waterproof jacket, gloves and base layers. But don’t forget that all important change of clothes for after the ride !!

And to ensure that you stay safe and sound, don’t neglect your bike either – it too needs lots of TLC in the winter. The better you treat your bike, the better it will cope with inclement weather; your components and parts will last longer too. So remember to regularly maintain your bike, use mudguards and give your bike a good clean after a wet and muddy ride.

Whilst we do not operate our rides when there is snow or frost on the ground, mud is a whole different matter ! So come and ride with us in the heart of The New Forest and have some fun.