Richard’s Blog

Getting out and about in the current Corona times on my mountain bike, going cross country zipping though my local estate via pathways and little alleyways is amazing, I wouldn’t be able to manage this type of stuff like stair sets and rough terrain on a road bike. It’s absolutely amazing when I’m out in the open I almost forget the general worries and struggles this terrifying and tough time has brought to all our lives this past twelve months. I feel absolutely free and able to get away for a while and adventure and explore across this fine land which in Hampshire we’re lucky to have many a green space to roam in. It’s so helpful with my state of mind with the ability to get out for a couple of hours and take exercise in this way helps me greatly. I love being out on my bike conquering the hazards and rough lines the countryside has to throw at me, in all the elements it’s great to be out mountain biking whatever the weather. Many thanks to Steve for helping me manage my skills and up my game enjoying this amazing hobby I love. 

Thank you Richard For this blog. Richard is one of our regular riders and is very passionate about mountain biking.