Highlights of September 2020

September has been a month for group rides. The latest was a group of friends who requested a bespoke adventure ride in the heart of The New Forest – a 42 km circular route that showcased the stunning and varied New Forest scenery to its full advantage.

rockenhurst was our start, taking us first to Rhinefield and then onto gravel tracks where the adventure began. With the sun on our backs, we rode through forest and hearth land so that we experienced firsthand the sights and sounds that make the New Forest so unique. Passing the Balmerlawn Hotel, we are back on gravel tracks on a quieter stretch that sees few cyclists and walkers.

We wind our way through the Forest, riding so close to the Beaulieu aerodrome that we could hear model aircraft flying above us. Leaving the Forest behind, the route took us though the small villages of Pilley and Bolder, riding along “Green Lanes” (bridleways) until we reached a ford that crosses the Lymington River. Now to avoid getting a feet wet !! The ford was a foot deep at its mid-point but a steady pace saw us all come through dry… well, a few damp feet maybe! (video link of the river crossing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra11OMPVNl8)

A steady climb took us back into the Forest and back to our starting point in Brockenhurst. Great feedback from the group – what better way to spend 3 hours in the New Forest.

If this sounds like you kind of ride, get in touch with me on 07976688437 or [email protected]