New Forest Cycling Tours Reached International Success With the Beyonk Booking System

New Forest Cycling Tours are located in New Forest National Park and offer guided tours across over 100 miles of marked trails.

A successful first year increased ambitions for growth going into year two.

Prior to using Beyonk, New Forest Cycling Tours were using another booking system which  helped them get through their first year in operation. Going into their second year, the team knew they needed an upgrade which could allow them to have a more slick booking journey and increase their online presence via the National Park UK website and community.

Chosen for their connections with National Parks UK, Beyonk has since become a valuable part of the New Forest Cycling Tour team.

Beyonk has a partnership with National Parks UK, therefore was the natural choice for a new booking solution.

Since its implementation, New Forest Cycling Tours have found incredible value in having a booking system with an integrated calendar and time slot functionality to do a lot of the work for them 24/7.

Whilst many of their regular customers still prefer to book via email, the booking system is able to easily take new bookings from customers who prefer to self-serve.

Beyonk’s customer service team are the best New Forest Cycling Tours have ever experienced.

New Forest Cycling Tours have found the Beyonk customer relations and aftercare team to be a fantastic asset.

“The patience and professionalism of the Beyonk team is second to none, you can’t beat it. That for me has been the core of Beyonk. I can call the team for anything and in the past, they’ve gone through features with me on a zoom call and recorded the conversation so I can watch it back later and change it at my own leisure. The aftercare service from Beyonk is something I’ve never experienced before.”

  • Steve Edmed, New Forest Cycling Tours
A professional website and international success are just two of the achievements New Forest Cycling Tours have earned since using Beyonk.
When it comes to achievements since implementing the Beyonk booking system, New Forest Cycling Tours have been able to create a professional-looking booking page that makes it effortless for customers to book without assistance.
New Forest Cycling Tours have also become more competitive outside of the UK. In recent months, they’ve started receiving bookings from American customers who are vacationing in the UK, something that might not have been possible without an easy-to-use, self-serve booking solution in place.
“It’s given me the confidence to understand that there are customers who are willing to just book directly online without needing to speak to me. I want to continue to increase that flexibility for international bookings and I do believe they will increase next year.”
–          Steve Edmed, New Forest Cycling Tours